Investment Banking

We bring together investor entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in need of financing to achieve benefits for all parties involved.


We connect investors, mostly entrepreneurs with financial resources seeking higher returns than those offered by the banking market, with other entrepreneurs in need of working capital who have property as collateral for a loan.

Our Proposal for Both Parties

The services we provide to investors include:
  • Client acquisition
  • Risk Analysis
  • Credit formalization, including mortgage dee
  • Collection management 
  • Capital recovery management in case of default
The conditions offered to borrower clients are:
  • Mortgage loans starting from $50,000
  • Up to 50% of the collateral value
  • Monthly interest rate: 1% (in USD) 
  • Loan term of 12 months
  • Quick approval

Time is money

At Detribu, we are committed to providing professional and transparent advice to optimize your investment.

If you're an investor, contact us today and achieve higher returns on your capital with controlled risk.