We handle the following administrative processes:

We manage personnel through outsourcing in both traditional and labor partnership structures for cost savings:


Payroll payment for CCSS, RT INS, public services, taxes, and suppliers.

Preparation of invoices for customer billing.

Preparation and submission of RT INS payroll forms

Preparation and submission of CCSS payroll forms

Administration and control of acquisitions and purchases.

Processing approval for SME certification of the company.


We accompany our clients in the constant analysis of their finances for proper decision-making regarding available resources and investments, providing support in the following areas:



  • Available amounts from $50,000 to $500,000
  • Monthly interest rate: 1% (in USD)
  • Legal expenses and disbursement fee of 7%
  • Properties within the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM)
  • The loan is granted for 40% to 50% of the property value.
  • 3-day approval period
  • The first installment is paid with the disbursement
  • At maturity, the principal amount is settled
  • Early cancellation is not allowed (12 payments must be made)


Fill the following form to process your loan:

The analysis is based on the company's financial reality, eliminating expenses that are not inherent to its operation.

Analysis of the company's processes, costs, and expenses.

Guidance on the proper management of available cash for investment in financial market instruments.

Review and suggestions for proper cash flow management.

Ongoing diagnosis of key financial metrics to determine the company's profitability.

Support for sellers or buyers through business due diligence.


The support provided by our tax and fiscal unit includes the
following scopes:

Constant analysis of opportunities to save on the payment of tax obligations, according to the current legal framework.

We assist entrepreneurs and operators of companies in everything related to tax matters.

We handle the process of income tax exemption for new companies.

We handle all the necessary procedures for the company to be approved by Procomer in the free trade zone regime.

Regulatory entities require compliance with a series of obligations to maintain the exemption, and our firm takes care of the process.


Accounting services ranges from providing support to the company's financial department to handling the accounting as an external firm.

Includes preparation and calculation of the tax declarations required by law.

We manage this process as part of the accounting cycle.

We manage this process as part of the accounting cycle.

We prepare and present monthly financial statements to the company’s partners.

We create, maintain, and safeguard the legal books.

We provide this type of certification for company projects or various processes.

We have two accounting systems at the service of our clients.


We provide legal support in the following areas:

Includes the formation of the company, legalization of books, and issuance of the legal certificate.

We advise our clients on the prevention and resolution of labor relations conflicts, preparing regulations and internal processes.

Involves the preparation and review of contracts.

We provide legal defense for our clients in inspection processes, audits, controls, and charges from the Tax Administration, both administratively and judicially.

We accompany our clients in charge transfers, both administratively and judicially.

We additionally handle financial criminal litigation and administrative contentious processes.

We include the issuance of notarial certifications that the client may require for various procedures in our services.